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Please read all before thinking about joining the Free Riders Alliance.

The Free Riders Alliance have a particular riding style that does NOT fit the needs of every rider. Our first commitment is to the safety of all riders and we require a certain level of experience. We are not here to teach you how to ride. If you are a new rider this is NOT the group for you!

The Free Riders Alliance was established in September 2010. We are a group of avid motorcyclists with varied interests and occupations, but with one thing in common; we like to ride motorcycles. We provide an environment of motorcycle camaraderie for bikers who operate any make of bike. The Free Riders Alliance is the place to be if you like motorcycles, want to explore the best roads to ride, find great destinations and meet a great group of riders!

The vision of membership for The Free Riders Alliance is and has always been to create a family like atmosphere made with people you can count on and like to ride with. Not just any person that walks/rides in can become a member. We understand that not everyone is alike and have different needs and goals when it comes to joining and riding with a motorcycle group.
We are not looking for huge numbers in membership and we believe Quality is more important than Quantity.

Live Free...Ride Free

By joining the Free Riders Alliance, you hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims of any nature, founded in whole or in part upon any type of negligence that you may have against the FREE RIDERS ALLIANCE and their respective members arising out of or resulting from any and all injuries or damages of any nature, including death, which you may suffer while taking part in any event or any activities in connection with the Free Riders Alliance. You are experienced in and familiar with the operation of motorcycles and fully understand the risks and dangers inherent in motorcycling. You voluntarily participate in the events and you expressly agree to assume sole responsibility for the safe and successful operation of your motorcycle, and to accept the entire risk of any accidents or personal injury either to others or yourself. This riding club is an informal group of friends whose objective is friendship and to group ride in a safe manner. Every member is responsible to maintain a safe operating motorcycle, and possess a valid license with a cycle endorsement and current insurance on every ride.



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